10 good sides of being a wine shop owner

10 good sides of being a wine shop owner
  1. You are your own boss and do your own selection.
  2. Hopefully you make a living out of a passion.
  3. You get to taste amazing wines under the alibi of selecting some for your customers.
  4. You get to talk about wines all day long.
  5. You learn, learn and learn some more about wine every day.
  6. Let’s be honest you have one the coolest job in the world.
  7. Gaining customers’ trust is hard but once they know you they are coming back for more.
  8. You are the one people, family and friends come to for wine and food pairing advice.
  9. People come to you with a smile because wine also means presents, parties, events, family dinners, special occasions and basically happy times … in other words you are not a dentist.
  10. Did I say you get to taste wines and it’s a job?

To be perfectly honest I will write about the 10 not so good sides of being a wine shop owner next week.

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