10 not so good sides of being a wine shop owner

10 not so good sides of being a wine shop owner
  1. You bear the sole responsibility of tasting and selecting the wines. Can I stress the latter part.
  2. It is hard work ordering and stocking all those boxes then again it looks like Christmas every day.
  3. You don’t travel as much as you want to and travelling really means seeking new winegrowers, new wines, …
  4. Sometimes choosing between amazing and wonderful is too hard.
  5. You know the “tennis elbow” all new meaning and not linked to sport.
  6. As if wine wasn’t enough you also have to know your wine and food pairings, so much pressure.
  7. You know that feeling when you are working alone and the shop is full? Overwhelming or just plainly amazing?
  8. The best is expected from you all the time, good it’s the one rule you go by.
  9. You are responsible for the happiness of many people as wine usually means present, again so much pressure.
  10. You sometimes have to bring work back home (ie. wines to taste and select).

Indeed those were not “not so good sides” but I just can’t find any I just love my job.

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