5 questions you are better off not asking in a wineshop

  1. Which wine do you prefer? While I am always happy to talk about me, let’s talk about you and which wine you will enjoy the most.
  2. Do you have any red Chablis? Though this question makes sense because you can’t always know all the specifics about different wines, the answer should always be no. Chablis is white, Chardonnay based and from Chablis, Burgundy, France.
  3. Can I get a discount for bulk purchasing if I buy 2 bottles? Always worth asking, you never know.
  4. Could you recommend another place where I can buy wine? That being said if I know where a customer will find a specific wine she or he is after I will always take the time to explain and show where she or he can find it.
  5. Is this wine any good? …

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