5 questions you should definitely ask in a wineshop

  1. How do you select your wines? Though there is no such thing as a good or bad way, maybe you will find ways you like and ways you don’t. Answers you might get are: « I taste and taste and taste again » « I go and see each winegrower I select » « I just get wines that are chosen for me by HQ » « I don’t know I just work here » « I ask winegrowers to send samples so I can taste everything at the same time » … what does fit your style is the question.
  2. Do you carry any older vintages? That is a perfectly reasonable question to ask as some shops cannot showcase everything they have. Do ask for older vintages and even maybe wines and makers that are a bit hidden.
  3. Can you help me choose a wine for a specific occasion, menu, budget, …? As professionals our job or at least my job is to find the right wine for you. Of course I love selling the bottles that are a touch more expensive but if you don’t need a 181€ Echezeaux I will not talk about it. Come prepared with a style you like, wines you know you enjoy, names you care about, a menu/occasion you want a wine for and I’ll make sure you find that special flask. When it comes to budget there is nothing wrong with asking not to go above a price. Not everyone as a budget to spend on high priced wines so I do everything I can to find the best value for money for pleasure for you. And if I can’t find that then I’ll just say so and maybe recommend another place.
  4. Can you explain how this was made or what is special about this wine? There is a strong link between this question and the first one. I select wines for a reason and you can of course ask about it.
  5. Could you get that specific wine for me? I can always try and if I know I can’t get my hands on it I will tell you. I am sometimes asked if I can find a specific wine or a vintage in particular, while I will always take the time for my customers there is also a chance that this 1982 Chablis Premier Cru is not available anymore (for that very example I indeed managed to find 3 amazing bottles).

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