5 things you should never pair with Chablis

And believe me I tried hard to find a way the following list could work with different types of wines, different styles, different vintages and it has never really worked. However rather than saying what you shouldn’t do I will give you local alternatives that actually work beautifully.

  1. Roquefort (or blue cheese): Too salty, too strong even a mighty Chablis Grand Cru cannot really fight thru. A beautiful white Ratafia, on the other hand, which will be full on ripe fruits and sweetness can save the day and actually surprise your guests.
  2. Beef: take it any way you want, any cut, any cooking style it just doesn’t work. Good news is Chablis is not the only amazing wine we have in Burgundy so how about moving to a beautiful Pinot Noir clean and lean for a beef carpaccio, deep and rich for a casserole or something grilled.
  3. Over spicy food: You’ll be the judge because up to a point Chablis’ finesse can actually take on spices but anything too hot will either kill your wine or be amplified to an uncomfortable level. To take on the heat of spices consider a Crémant de Bourgogne possibly a Blanc de Noir or a heavier, full bodied red.
  4. Red wine sauces: that means no Beef Bourguignon, no Coq au vin, no Eggs en meurette … that goes without saying. Guess what? A red wine pairing is what you are looking for. They say you should use the same wine you plan on serving for your sauce … there is an exception … don’t feel you have to cook with a Premier Cru or a Grand Cru a regional red Bourgogne will probably do the trick (unless price isn’t a problem for you)
  5. Desserts: again I have tried and tried and tried again from chocolate, to tarte fine even fruit salads with little or no sugar at all. I am yet to find a dessert and a Chablis that can go beautifully well together. Some richer, denser, fruitier and heavier Burgundy pinot noir based wines can handle chocolate dessert when a Crémant de Bourgogne with a bit of grapyness can handle fruitier lighter desserts. A rosé Crémant de Bourgogne is also a good alternative for the lesser sugary desserts.

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