Let’s talk about Tripadvisor

Let’s talk about Tripadvisor

Yes, it’s time for a rant, I promise just a tiny one, a very small one, as if it wasn’t a rant. Tripadvisor is such an amazing tool. I won’t actually say much against the tool itself. It is based on sharing, freedom of speech, communication and valuing (or not, because it can also happen this way) a product and services offer which is rather a good thing.

Let’s talk about algorithm, because that is the subject of this « tiny small » rant. Again I have nothing against the whole Tripadvisor concept if I did I would shut down the page. From time to time there will be a mistake, like somebody commenting the Foie Gras you never had on your menu. From time to time there will be this comment you just can’t make sense out of and even sometimes a comment you won’t appreciate even if the grade is still good. Anyway for those you are still communicating with either a customer or Tripadvisor. The new algorithm, on the other hand, was announced, launched and weirdly enough the grade is not linked to your ranking anymore. Let me try and explain. You can have the best grade if you only have (it seems and that’s my analysis)  a few people grading you or a small number of people grading you every year you will be overtaken by venues with lower grades.

Of course it would be equally weird to see a venue with just one grade, that happens to be excellent, at the top of the ranking list. Still how do you get back to a « rightful » standing with a place like S.Chablis which is not really a restaurant even if you can find something to eat here all day long. So I have mixed feelings about all this. Should I start asking my customers to grade me and write a comment on Tripadvisor? Should I go on doing the same thing concentrating on the wine selection I make, on the dishes I prepare and on the service I hope is excellent? Should I ask Tripadvisor to create a new category « Where to have a glass of wine, eat, taste, take a masterclass and buy wine all day long »?

In the end and as always I will just take care of my customers, they are after all the most important part of the equation! Let’s see the half full glass part the story as in Chablis you have a wide choice of good, very good and excellent places to come and eat at even if not too many fall in the « Where to have a glass of wine, eat, taste, take a masterclass and buy wine all day long » category.

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