S.Chablis 3.0

S.Chablis 3.0

So what is S.Chablis 3.0?

Well S.Chablis 1.0 was this thing called Signé Chablis and really was the founding concept of bringing together a wine shop, a wine bar and a training facility. S.Chablis 2.0 was about testing many things such as menus that were pushing the boutique towards being a restaurant, trying to expand employing more or less successful staff, giving a fairer share to wines from the rest of Burgundy or having more than 30 wines served by the glass in the discovery or pleasure format everyday.  S.Chablis 3.0 is somewhat coming back to some kind of essence working mostly alone but sharing more and more and more and more.

Why S.Chablis 3.0?

Well first of all because when you start working on your own developing new businesses you can’t stop at the original versions and I am definitely working at developing new projects and concepts in and outside what you know as S.Chablis. Second because working with great customers and wine lovers everyday and answering a bunch of questions on a daily basis made me think you might have more questions I could answer online. Of course there is no stopping the number of wines, foods, things I try so maybe you would like to follow all that too.

When all this going to happen?

Now and in the coming weeks and months.

What is going to happen?

That’s being a bit nosy but as you need to know the first thing is instead of having you enter a monthly prize draw you now only need to follow S.Chablis on facebook or twitter (maybe one day on youtube), comment on your experience, ask questions and of course like (if you really do) and share. I always take the time to read and each mont I’ll decide who as earned a prize (can be a bottle, can be something else …).

Then you can expect articles and videos about wines (good and bad), sometimes recipes, sometimes reviews on stuff I use, sometimes interviews, sometimes just your occasional rant, sometimes answers to your questions and some other times questions I need answers to.

Welcome to S.Chablis … 3.0!



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