S02E27 S.Chablis Franchise

Do you still feel like opening a wine shop, wine bar or a place where food and wine work hand in hand?

The S.Chablis franchise is still on. However, the concept or even just the word franchise are not really the way it’s going to work. Here is a quick view on this evolution and the new approach towards opening a wine shop. Well, simply put, S.Chablis is going to open its doors to future entrepreneurs … discover why and how in this video.

No franchise anymore but a way to work that is going to be different, more inventive and more hands on.

So the idea is to open our doors. That goes both for the boutique and for the wine bar but also for our suppliers, partners and network. It’s up to you to test and try this career you aspire to. What is working, what isn’t, the good sides and the not as good ones.

Everything is shaped around an intensive schedule. We gather experience (when you take nearly full charge), training (with modules about wine, winemaking but also business) and coaching (as you are at the very center of this program and your objectives and questions should and will be answered in your project building). ie. opening a wine shop, wine bar or something close.

When we state an intensive schedule we feel that 1 month of concentrated and concrete experience and knowledge should be enough. Nonetheless, the objective is not to have you follow a really school like, academic cursus. We would rather have you live your choices and your future life. Again learning thru experience and then getting that other layer of knowledge.

So you are really taking charge with of course the watching eye of your guardian angel who will do everything he can to make sure you will succeed. Or, in 1 month you will see without any risk, without any investment in building, rent, decoration, glasses, stocks, equipment, software, … if you really want to invest a bit of cash and time in opening a wine shop or wine bar.

The training modules are only there to cover topics such as winemaking, wine tasting, marketing, communication, management. There is no standard program. Everything is built around your profile, your objectives, your needs and also around whatever you will experience on a daily basis.

Should you have questions and if you are looking at opening a wine shop, wine bar or a bit of both you only have to contact us.

Questions: ask@schablis.com

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